Endangered species

endangered_speciesHey Kids! Zeppi Here!

I hope you have enjoyed a fun and happy day! You and your friends are probably having soooo much fun just like I do with my best friends Alesdor – Alesdooor, his parents and Lilit! I have been to soooo many wonderful places and met soooo many wonderful animals and discovered soooo many beautiful plants! Now I am back, as I promised, to show you what you can do to protect wildlife – this is going to be sooo aw-sum!

When you put yourself in that wonderful chain, as a link, you are effecting sea otters, bears, dolphins, tigers, wolves and even penguins like me! Everything you do can effect all of us and all of wildlife, so what can you kids do to help out our world!

Learn as much as you can about endangered and threatened species. Talk to your teachers and ask them to talk about these species. Your teachers and parents can help you find out all sorts of things about plants and animals that are in great need of special protection, including in your very own area! Ask your teacher to allow you to share what you have learned with your classmates!

If you are allowed in your neighborhood, set up food and shelter for wildlife, be sure to find out if you can do that.

How about planting a tree, a bush that has seeds, fruits or berries for our bird friends. Place or hang a birdhouse, they will be wonderful to watch and they will surely enjoy those little snacks of berries, fruits and seeds – yummmieeee!

Never, ever buy or keep wild animals! This is not good for them, they need to be with their own species. They want to be with their family and friends. This includes turtles, frogs, exotic birds and oh yes – Penguins – heiiiii!
I will be back with ever so much more fun stuff to share with you! In the mean time, you and your friends think up some things you might think you can do to help all the plants and animals live happy lives!!
Zeppi – Zepp, zeppiiiiii

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