Trees are wonderful!

Hey Kids!

I hope I wasn’t gone too long! I needed to care for my newly planted tree and I just know he is going to be sooo beautiful one day!

So, let’s see where we left off!


Trees are ever so silent, live very, very long lives and provide our Earth with the best air, the best oxygen, the best shade and the most beautiful views ever!

Another wonderful thing about a tree – in one year your average tree will remove over one ton of carbon dioxide from the air!! Trees truly are our friends – yipppppeeeee!

Will your tree bear fruit or flowers? If so, you will have to learn how much water your new tree will need on a daily and weekly basis along with special care that might be needed in order to help their fruits or flowers grow.

Now speaking of clean air, do you know you and your family could have the very best air in the world over the course of one year? Your tree will provide you with all the oxygen you could possibly want over the entire year!

Trees help keep our earth cooler, provides all living things with the very best clean air. Trees are our special, silent guardians – take care of them and they will care for you forever!

You have learned so many great ways to help protect our planet, protect our animals and our wonderful plants! Share your new found knowledge with your classmates, your teachers and others. You will show them they too can make a big difference and feel really good about themselves!

Zeppiiiii is already very, very proud of you! See You Soon!

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Tree Planting

Hey Kids! We planted our very first tree and it was soooo exciting and I can’t wait to see it grow! I want to give you some ideas so you and your friends can also grow a tree!


Get with your friends and plant a tree. Have your parents bring you to the local nursery and pick out a tree that will do really well by your house. Trees have been planted for many reasons from celebrating a birthday to remembering something really special. Trees grow quickly and before you know it, they are really big! Think of it, plant a young sapling and one day when you are an adult – come back and see a wonderful, full grown tree where once was a small sapling!

When you go to the local nursery, let the specialists guide you to the right tree for your ground conditions, your available space and the proper sunlight. You don’t want to plant a tree that will block the sun from your Mom’s flower garden! Trees grow very quickly and their roots will spread out to meet the size of the tree. You do not want a tree whose roots will end up growing under the foundation of your house – Yikes!! So listen to those who know!


Trees are so wonderful, most people do not understand how very valuable they are for keeping us all safe and healthy! I have to run for right now, but when I come back – I’m gonna tell you even more about trees!

Hugs From Your Friend Zeppiiii

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Save water & food

Hi Kids!

It’s so good to see you again! Today, we are going to look at things that no one ever thinks about, but could be causing bad health for our environment, our animal friends and plants.

I bet there have been times, you are trying to sleep but guess what! A faucet in the kitchen or in the bathroom is just dripping, dripping and dripping! Teeeheeeee! You try turning it off but nope!

If a faucet in your home is dripping, ask your parents to replace the washer.   For each drop that falls every second, it’s causing over 2,700 gallons of wasted water! Yikes! That’s 10,220 liters that can be saved with a new washer!


Ever bitten off more than you can chew? I know I have….

Even though you are hungry, do not take more food on your plate than you really can eat. Whether it’s in your school lunch room or once you get home, it’s a waste of food. There really are people in this world that do not have enough food to eat. Wasted food that ends up in landfills could feed over 49 million hungry people each year in the United States alone.

Alesdor, Lilit and I are going to go to our local nursery and plant a tree! I am sooo excited! When I come back, I’m going to give you some great ideas if you want to plant a tree too!

See You Soon – Zeppiiiiii

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My little spider friends

Hi Everybody!


Oh I am sooo excited that you have come back! Do you know there are soooo many little critters living with us, on this Earth, that are very, very helpful in keeping everything safe? Unfortunately, some kids find my little friends scary! That’s because they kind’a look different! My little spider friends are wonderful helpers, so don’t kill them!


Did you know that spiders eat pesky insects and control pests that will kill plants and your Mom’s favorite flowers? There are so many wonderful spiders all over the world that play a very important part of keeping our Earth safe and healthy. The next time you think you are afraid of a spider, think about what he is providing this planet – you might learn not to be so afraid of him!


I know many nice spiders and they are here to help us all out in making sure our plants have a really great place to live and are being protected!


When we get together next time, let’s look at some things inside your home that could run better, keeping our Earth safe and our bad eating habits and what that means!


See You Soon – Hugs From Zeppiiiiii

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