Zeppi – Zepp, zeppiiiiii is back!

penguinHi Kids!


Zeppi – Zepp, zeppiiiiii I’m back again to share some more great things we can all do to help out our planet and all of us who live here!

Boy! I hope you had as wonderful a summer cause I sure did! I have been doing all sorts of fun things with my friends Alesdor – Alesdoor and my girl squirrel friend Lilit! We learned some great ways to help our planet get really, really healthy and happy along with all our animal and plant friends.

Now that you are back in school and learning many great things, how about learning some things you can do to help us all live in a greener healthier place?

Trash Free Lunches:

Did you know that you can have your mom or dad pack a lunch box that has nothing to throw out? Yep!

Let’s see what your lunch box has right now:

Sandwiches or treats in plastic bags

Fruits and veggies in plastic bags

Chips, cookies, cheese, fruit bars and many other things that are sealed in their own packaging.

Milk cartons or water bottles

Plastic spoons and forks, along with paper napkins

I bet you are thinking isn’t that what lunch boxes should have in them? That’s what most have in them, but did you know with a few changes, you will not be left with trash to throw out and end up in a landfill!

Have all your food, such as sandwiches, fruits, veggies and treats placed in reusable lunch containers. They can be so easy to wash and will be ready for another meal and nothing is going into a landfill – yipppppeeeee!

I have to run for now, but I will be back really soon with more wonderful ways to become planet friendly –

Your Friend Always – Zeppiiiii

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Endangered species

endangered_speciesHey Kids! Zeppi Here!

I hope you have enjoyed a fun and happy day! You and your friends are probably having soooo much fun just like I do with my best friends Alesdor – Alesdooor, his parents and Lilit! I have been to soooo many wonderful places and met soooo many wonderful animals and discovered soooo many beautiful plants! Now I am back, as I promised, to show you what you can do to protect wildlife – this is going to be sooo aw-sum!

When you put yourself in that wonderful chain, as a link, you are effecting sea otters, bears, dolphins, tigers, wolves and even penguins like me! Everything you do can effect all of us and all of wildlife, so what can you kids do to help out our world!

Learn as much as you can about endangered and threatened species. Talk to your teachers and ask them to talk about these species. Your teachers and parents can help you find out all sorts of things about plants and animals that are in great need of special protection, including in your very own area! Ask your teacher to allow you to share what you have learned with your classmates!

If you are allowed in your neighborhood, set up food and shelter for wildlife, be sure to find out if you can do that.

How about planting a tree, a bush that has seeds, fruits or berries for our bird friends. Place or hang a birdhouse, they will be wonderful to watch and they will surely enjoy those little snacks of berries, fruits and seeds – yummmieeee!

Never, ever buy or keep wild animals! This is not good for them, they need to be with their own species. They want to be with their family and friends. This includes turtles, frogs, exotic birds and oh yes – Penguins – heiiiii!
I will be back with ever so much more fun stuff to share with you! In the mean time, you and your friends think up some things you might think you can do to help all the plants and animals live happy lives!!
Zeppi – Zepp, zeppiiiiii

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Protect plants and animals :)

kids-booksZeppi Here! I am back just as I promised and today we are going to discover some stuff you guys can do to help protect all of us and keep our wonderful world – Wonderful!!

There are somethings you kids can do to help prevent the extinction of plants and animals! When you are playing with your friends, walking around and have a candy wrapper in your hand, don’t throw it on the ground. Put it in a trash can! Littering harms our world and all of us who live here. As much as it might seem like a good thing to do, please do not feed wild animals. What you might think would be good food for them, probably is not. Feeding wild animals will encourage them to come out of their habitats to look for other treats and this could harm them and could even harm you!

There are many rules that are written down for everyone to follow, they are called laws. One of the most important laws that is in place to protect wild life is called The Endangered Species Act. This law is in place to stop different species from becoming extinct by protecting their habitats they need to survive.

The Endangered Species Act also protects endangered plants and animals that will become extinct if people don’t do something real soon! These animals and plants are call “threatened species”. There are soooo many species that are in deep trouble and need special protection right away!

Well Kids – we are going to stop here for right now! Think about your world around you and how you might be able to make a difference. I will be back real soon to talk about:

What You Can Do To Protect Wildlife!

That’s going to be a lot of fun!

So Bye For Now from Your Favorite Penguin Zeppi – Zepp, zeppiiiiii

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This wonderful planet that we call Earth

kids-story-booksHi Kids! It’s Zeppi – Zepp, zeppiiiiii again! Boy I sure hope you are enjoying all these wonderful things about our world as much as I am! My girl squirrel friend Lilit wants Alesdor to help us build a bird house for our little friends. But, you know, squirrels are tricky! They loooove to climb bird houses and eat those little snacks – heiiiii!

Now let’s pickup where we left off on learning about this wonderful planet that we call Earth!

When animals and plants habitats are destroyed by not making good choices or even by natural things, such as floods or earthquakes, over time these animals and plants will become extinct – nooooo! Extinct means a species will one day just disappear and never be seen again! When animals are losing their habitats and homes, the number of them start to become less. When this happens, these wonderful creatures are put on a list that is called an Endangered List. Our human friends put these lists together so they can protect these animals from becoming Extinct!

Hey Kids – imagine coming home from school one day and your house is no longer there! What would you do if some of your friends just disappeared -never to be seen again! When plant or animal habitats are damaged, there is no place for them to go! This is why it is so important for people to protect all these special habitats.

When people dirty the air and water that we all drink and breath, hunt animals too much or try to put other species in places where they don’t belong; will lead to these animals becoming endangered. If it goes on and no one does anything about it, these species will, in time, become extinct and we can’t do anything for them – we can’t bring them back!
Here is some really good News! When I come back I’m gonna tell you what all you kids can do to help keep our world healthy and clean! Won’t that be great? It’s gonna be fun too!

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New friends

peace_on_earthHi Kids! I have been speaking with some new friends that are just as excited as you and I are about us all being so much a part of each other! Turtles, Rabbits, Eagles and so many, many more!

Even though all living things might look completely different and live in different places, we all need a lot of the same things like food, water, air, shelter and the sun. Plants and animals also depend on each other just like you depend on your parents, your brothers, sisters, your friends and your teachers! We are all a part of something like a family or a school. This is a chain that contains many links and we are all connected by these links that form our wonderful chain! We must all work together in order to survive in this world.

So remember, all of us – animals and plants – will keep our chain and earth healthy and strong. When one link is destroyed or broken it hurts the entire chain. When people forget they are a part of this wonderful chain, other species are harmed and some have been lost forever.

I just know all you kids want to make our world a wonderful, happy place for everyone! So join with me and plant some flowers or help your parents put up a bird house so our feathered friends can rest and enjoy a few seed snacks! Working together will make our world a very special place for all of us to live together!
I am taking off to learn ever so much more stuff to share with you!

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More fun stuff

story-books-kidsHi Kids! Yipppppeeeee! I just found more fun stuff about all the animals, plants and people that all live together and I am really excited to let you know!

Did you know that if you and your parents recycle bottles and cans, use water, gas and other resources, responsibly, you can make a big difference in protecting the rest of us? Your parents need to pick good people to lead in the protection of wildlife and the places they live in.
Our world is loaded with great things such as forests, deserts, oceans and even your own backyard has great stuff! The places where animals and plants live are called habitats. If these habitats are healthy and safe, then all animals and plants will have everything they need to be happy and survive.
Scientists take all animals and plants and put them into different groups. These groups are called species. For instance Lions and Tigers are called Felines or cats and your pet kitty is a cat! Wolves and Coyotes are in the Canine family or dog family and your dog is also in the Canine family! Humans are also a species of animals because people are also a link in the chain of living creatures all over the world.
Isn’t it wonderful to know that we are all really, really connected by our wonderful world! It just tickles me to feel so much a part of you!! Weeeeeeeee!

Be Back Soon!

Zeppi – Zepp, zeppiiiiii

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Hey kids, I am back!

story-books-for-kidsHey kids, I am back! Zepp-zepp-zeppiiii!
I did not forget you but I have been travelling with Charlotte and starting today I will send you more regular posts.

I happen to be a penguin! I know you probably already know that – heiiiii! I am here to talk about our wonderful planet and all the great things that live here.

Animals, people and even plants all depend on each other so we can all survive. We all need food, air so we can breath, water to keep us from being thirsty and of course a safe place to live. Since I fell off that awful truck I live with my best friend Alesdor – Alesdooor and my girl squirrel friend Lilit – so I am ow-keiiii!

All animals and plants will give us all these things we need. Did you know that trees are our best friends? They give us clean air by taking in the bad air and giving back good air. I love birds and birds like to eat insects that try to damage all sorts of plants and crops – they also carry nasty diseases. Those earth worms that we see crawling around the ground help to make our soil rich so we can grow crops and pretty flowers!

kids-booksThe Good News! No one can keep our world cleaner and healthier than people and you are people! It really is important that people do not ruin the places where animals and plants live. Building houses and even roads can take away their homes. People need to be very careful and make good choices that can make a difference in the safety and well-being of other creatures and all our wonderful plants.

Wow! This is sooo much fun to learn all this great stuff!! You kids are the best! I will be back with even more wonderful things for you to learn about our great world!!

Zeppi – Zepp, zeppiiiiii

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