Clean your local park

Boy! I have been so busy, busy gathering up great ideas for you and your friends to help make this Earth a better place for everyone!

How about you and your friends getting together and volunteering to help clean up your local park! Get with your teachers to see if public places could use your help, plan a field trip to go and help pickup and dispose trash. It will be a lot of fun and teach you why littering is not a good thing to do!


Do your part by never, ever throwing trash on the ground, it’s so bad for the planet! If you see a friend throw a wrapper on the ground, bring it to their attention and let them know the nearby trash can is where that should go.

When you or your friends throw stuff on the ground, they may land in a storm drain! Storm drains take water to the nearest river or stream that eventually flows into the ocean. If you are tossing items onto the ground, these items are littering the rivers, streams and even the ocean. Our friends who live in the rivers or in the ocean are being harmed! It’s bad for the environment, fish become sick because of these things polluting the water and then our bird friends become sick because they ate a sick fish! How Sad Is That? Protect our oceans and our wildlife – they need you!

Come Back Soon For More Great Stuff! Your Friend Zeppiiiii

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