Correct Battery disposal

Ooooh! It Is Soooo Good To See All You Kids Again!

I have been learning soooo many wonderful ways to help our planet become healthier and a better place for beautiful plants and wonderful animals to share along with you. Here are more wonderful ways to recycle and keep bad stuff out of landfills and poisoning the land.

So, let’s get started – This is going to be sooo aw-sum!



Batteries are used in so many of our devices from computers to cars to cell phones! They must all be disposed of at some time unless you use rechargeable batteries. Did you know you would have to use literally hundreds of one-use batteries to equal the energy from a rechargeable battery? Yepper! If you or your parents have batteries that can only be used once, learn how to properly dispose of these items. These batteries ending up in landfills can be very harmful to the planet. That is why there are state rules and regulations for depositing these kind of items. Ask your parents to teach you how these batteries are given to certain drop off stations for proper disposal.

Books are wonderful and we all want to read great stories that everyone else is enjoying. Instead of running out and buying a new book, why not borrow the book from a friend and do the same back. Let your friends read the book you so enjoyed! I’m sure they will appreciate it and so will our Earth!


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