Donate Clothes & Reduce trash

Hi Kids – It’s Me! Zeppiiiiiii! I just got this great idea for you to help keep things out of landfills and at the same time help out other kids who have less than you do! How about this:

As you grow, you know you have clothes that will never fit again. That can be a great thing, but what do you do with those clothes? You certainly do not want to throw them out, that’s wasteful and very bad for the planet.


It’s always great to get new clothes for the new school year, how about donating your clothes that are in great shape to organizations that give clothes to those in need. There are many kids who cannot afford new clothes but would absolutely love your generosity!


Reduce Trash:


Take cans and bottles to a recycling center and get some cash! Also many trash services will pick them up if you place them in your recyclable trash container.


You and your friends can make a big difference in what goes into landfills and what can go to better uses. Get together with your friends and classmates to come up with some great ways to prevent unnecessary landfills that will only poison the ground we walk on and the grass our animal friends rely on for food!


Wow! This is sooo much fun to learn all this great stuff to become Eco-friendly!! You kids are the best! I will be back with even more wonderful things you can do for our great world!!


Zeppi – Zepp, Zeppiiiiii


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