Help out our wonderful planet

school-kidsHi Boys & Girls!

I just know you and your friends will really enjoy getting to school in a more Eco-friendly way. How about starting a Walking School Bus! Get everyone together, so no one is ever walking alone, get an adult to lead all of you to school! As long as it’s a safe way to walk, it will also give you some great exercise! Always check with your parents to come up with a plan and involve your teachers. Again, never walk in a dangerous area or walk alone!

Riding a bike or boarding are other great ideas but always make sure it’s OK with your parents to be sure you will be safe and never travel alone – go in a group!

If you live in colder climates, like I do!, This might only be good for a short time before it gets too cold. If parents and teachers help out, enjoy it while you can!

This is just another great way to help out our wonderful planet by cutting back on those smelling fumes from buses! Let adults decide if this can be done. If your school is too far away, you and your friends should think up some other wonderful things you can do instead.

As your friend Zeppiiiiiii – I will be back really soon to give you more great, great planet saver ideas!

See You Soon! Yipppppeeeee!

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