Fun with leaves

Hello Again My Friends!

Lilit & I were reminded of something that sooo many of us take for granted & never think about, but boy we should! I am talking about our friends the trees! Yep! Trees Are Our Giant Friends! They are always watching out for us! So what can we do to watch out for them?


Boy, I just love trees and I bet You Do Too! These silent giants give us fresh oxygen and air to breathe. They give us shade in the heat of summer and allows the sun to warm our homes in the winter months. When trees drop their leaves, it’s always just before the coldest months of the year and your home feels so much warmer from the wonderful fall sun! Leaves can be a lot of fun to build a mound for you and your friends to jump into! Get with your parents first, because at some point your Dad is going to have to bag them up to be sent off for recycling. People are no longer allowed to burn leaves because the burning leaves send pollution into the air, so ask first. I’m sure your Dad will work something out for you and your friends to have some fun and still have time to bag them up when it’s time!

I have to go and think up so more terrific things you and I can do to help our planet, our animal friends and our wonderful, beautiful trees!


See You Soon Your Friend Zeppiiiii

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