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story-books-kidsHi Kids! Yipppppeeeee! I just found more fun stuff about all the animals, plants and people that all live together and I am really excited to let you know!

Did you know that if you and your parents recycle bottles and cans, use water, gas and other resources, responsibly, you can make a big difference in protecting the rest of us? Your parents need to pick good people to lead in the protection of wildlife and the places they live in.
Our world is loaded with great things such as forests, deserts, oceans and even your own backyard has great stuff! The places where animals and plants live are called habitats. If these habitats are healthy and safe, then all animals and plants will have everything they need to be happy and survive.
Scientists take all animals and plants and put them into different groups. These groups are called species. For instance Lions and Tigers are called Felines or cats and your pet kitty is a cat! Wolves and Coyotes are in the Canine family or dog family and your dog is also in the Canine family! Humans are also a species of animals because people are also a link in the chain of living creatures all over the world.
Isn’t it wonderful to know that we are all really, really connected by our wonderful world! It just tickles me to feel so much a part of you!! Weeeeeeeee!

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