My little spider friends

Hi Everybody!


Oh I am sooo excited that you have come back! Do you know there are soooo many little critters living with us, on this Earth, that are very, very helpful in keeping everything safe? Unfortunately, some kids find my little friends scary! That’s because they kind’a look different! My little spider friends are wonderful helpers, so don’t kill them!


Did you know that spiders eat pesky insects and control pests that will kill plants and your Mom’s favorite flowers? There are so many wonderful spiders all over the world that play a very important part of keeping our Earth safe and healthy. The next time you think you are afraid of a spider, think about what he is providing this planet – you might learn not to be so afraid of him!


I know many nice spiders and they are here to help us all out in making sure our plants have a really great place to live and are being protected!


When we get together next time, let’s look at some things inside your home that could run better, keeping our Earth safe and our bad eating habits and what that means!


See You Soon – Hugs From Zeppiiiiii

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