New friends

peace_on_earthHi Kids! I have been speaking with some new friends that are just as excited as you and I are about us all being so much a part of each other! Turtles, Rabbits, Eagles and so many, many more!

Even though all living things might look completely different and live in different places, we all need a lot of the same things like food, water, air, shelter and the sun. Plants and animals also depend on each other just like you depend on your parents, your brothers, sisters, your friends and your teachers! We are all a part of something like a family or a school. This is a chain that contains many links and we are all connected by these links that form our wonderful chain! We must all work together in order to survive in this world.

So remember, all of us – animals and plants – will keep our chain and earth healthy and strong. When one link is destroyed or broken it hurts the entire chain. When people forget they are a part of this wonderful chain, other species are harmed and some have been lost forever.

I just know all you kids want to make our world a wonderful, happy place for everyone! So join with me and plant some flowers or help your parents put up a bird house so our feathered friends can rest and enjoy a few seed snacks! Working together will make our world a very special place for all of us to live together!
I am taking off to learn ever so much more stuff to share with you!

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