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kids-booksZeppi Here! I am back just as I promised and today we are going to discover some stuff you guys can do to help protect all of us and keep our wonderful world – Wonderful!!

There are somethings you kids can do to help prevent the extinction of plants and animals! When you are playing with your friends, walking around and have a candy wrapper in your hand, don’t throw it on the ground. Put it in a trash can! Littering harms our world and all of us who live here. As much as it might seem like a good thing to do, please do not feed wild animals. What you might think would be good food for them, probably is not. Feeding wild animals will encourage them to come out of their habitats to look for other treats and this could harm them and could even harm you!

There are many rules that are written down for everyone to follow, they are called laws. One of the most important laws that is in place to protect wild life is called The Endangered Species Act. This law is in place to stop different species from becoming extinct by protecting their habitats they need to survive.

The Endangered Species Act also protects endangered plants and animals that will become extinct if people don’t do something real soon! These animals and plants are call “threatened species”. There are soooo many species that are in deep trouble and need special protection right away!

Well Kids – we are going to stop here for right now! Think about your world around you and how you might be able to make a difference. I will be back real soon to talk about:

What You Can Do To Protect Wildlife!

That’s going to be a lot of fun!

So Bye For Now from Your Favorite Penguin Zeppi – Zepp, zeppiiiiii

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