Save water & food

Hi Kids!

It’s so good to see you again! Today, we are going to look at things that no one ever thinks about, but could be causing bad health for our environment, our animal friends and plants.

I bet there have been times, you are trying to sleep but guess what! A faucet in the kitchen or in the bathroom is just dripping, dripping and dripping! Teeeheeeee! You try turning it off but nope!

If a faucet in your home is dripping, ask your parents to replace the washer.   For each drop that falls every second, it’s causing over 2,700 gallons of wasted water! Yikes! That’s 10,220 liters that can be saved with a new washer!


Ever bitten off more than you can chew? I know I have….

Even though you are hungry, do not take more food on your plate than you really can eat. Whether it’s in your school lunch room or once you get home, it’s a waste of food. There really are people in this world that do not have enough food to eat. Wasted food that ends up in landfills could feed over 49 million hungry people each year in the United States alone.

Alesdor, Lilit and I are going to go to our local nursery and plant a tree! I am sooo excited! When I come back, I’m going to give you some great ideas if you want to plant a tree too!

See You Soon – Zeppiiiiii

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