Hey kids, I am back!

story-books-for-kidsHey kids, I am back! Zepp-zepp-zeppiiii!
I did not forget you but I have been travelling with Charlotte and starting today I will send you more regular posts.

I happen to be a penguin! I know you probably already know that – heiiiii! I am here to talk about our wonderful planet and all the great things that live here.

Animals, people and even plants all depend on each other so we can all survive. We all need food, air so we can breath, water to keep us from being thirsty and of course a safe place to live. Since I fell off that awful truck I live with my best friend Alesdor – Alesdooor and my girl squirrel friend Lilit – so I am ow-keiiii!

All animals and plants will give us all these things we need. Did you know that trees are our best friends? They give us clean air by taking in the bad air and giving back good air. I love birds and birds like to eat insects that try to damage all sorts of plants and crops – they also carry nasty diseases. Those earth worms that we see crawling around the ground help to make our soil rich so we can grow crops and pretty flowers!

kids-booksThe Good News! No one can keep our world cleaner and healthier than people and you are people! It really is important that people do not ruin the places where animals and plants live. Building houses and even roads can take away their homes. People need to be very careful and make good choices that can make a difference in the safety and well-being of other creatures and all our wonderful plants.

Wow! This is sooo much fun to learn all this great stuff!! You kids are the best! I will be back with even more wonderful things for you to learn about our great world!!

Zeppi – Zepp, zeppiiiiii

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