This wonderful planet that we call Earth

kids-story-booksHi Kids! It’s Zeppi – Zepp, zeppiiiiii again! Boy I sure hope you are enjoying all these wonderful things about our world as much as I am! My girl squirrel friend Lilit wants Alesdor to help us build a bird house for our little friends. But, you know, squirrels are tricky! They loooove to climb bird houses and eat those little snacks – heiiiii!

Now let’s pickup where we left off on learning about this wonderful planet that we call Earth!

When animals and plants habitats are destroyed by not making good choices or even by natural things, such as floods or earthquakes, over time these animals and plants will become extinct – nooooo! Extinct means a species will one day just disappear and never be seen again! When animals are losing their habitats and homes, the number of them start to become less. When this happens, these wonderful creatures are put on a list that is called an Endangered List. Our human friends put these lists together so they can protect these animals from becoming Extinct!

Hey Kids – imagine coming home from school one day and your house is no longer there! What would you do if some of your friends just disappeared -never to be seen again! When plant or animal habitats are damaged, there is no place for them to go! This is why it is so important for people to protect all these special habitats.

When people dirty the air and water that we all drink and breath, hunt animals too much or try to put other species in places where they don’t belong; will lead to these animals becoming endangered. If it goes on and no one does anything about it, these species will, in time, become extinct and we can’t do anything for them – we can’t bring them back!
Here is some really good News! When I come back I’m gonna tell you what all you kids can do to help keep our world healthy and clean! Won’t that be great? It’s gonna be fun too!

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