Tree Planting

Hey Kids! We planted our very first tree and it was soooo exciting and I can’t wait to see it grow! I want to give you some ideas so you and your friends can also grow a tree!


Get with your friends and plant a tree. Have your parents bring you to the local nursery and pick out a tree that will do really well by your house. Trees have been planted for many reasons from celebrating a birthday to remembering something really special. Trees grow quickly and before you know it, they are really big! Think of it, plant a young sapling and one day when you are an adult – come back and see a wonderful, full grown tree where once was a small sapling!

When you go to the local nursery, let the specialists guide you to the right tree for your ground conditions, your available space and the proper sunlight. You don’t want to plant a tree that will block the sun from your Mom’s flower garden! Trees grow very quickly and their roots will spread out to meet the size of the tree. You do not want a tree whose roots will end up growing under the foundation of your house – Yikes!! So listen to those who know!


Trees are so wonderful, most people do not understand how very valuable they are for keeping us all safe and healthy! I have to run for right now, but when I come back – I’m gonna tell you even more about trees!

Hugs From Your Friend Zeppiiii

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