Zeppi – Zepp, zeppiiiiii is back!

penguinHi Kids!


Zeppi – Zepp, zeppiiiiii I’m back again to share some more great things we can all do to help out our planet and all of us who live here!

Boy! I hope you had as wonderful a summer cause I sure did! I have been doing all sorts of fun things with my friends Alesdor – Alesdoor and my girl squirrel friend Lilit! We learned some great ways to help our planet get really, really healthy and happy along with all our animal and plant friends.

Now that you are back in school and learning many great things, how about learning some things you can do to help us all live in a greener healthier place?

Trash Free Lunches:

Did you know that you can have your mom or dad pack a lunch box that has nothing to throw out? Yep!

Let’s see what your lunch box has right now:

Sandwiches or treats in plastic bags

Fruits and veggies in plastic bags

Chips, cookies, cheese, fruit bars and many other things that are sealed in their own packaging.

Milk cartons or water bottles

Plastic spoons and forks, along with paper napkins

I bet you are thinking isn’t that what lunch boxes should have in them? That’s what most have in them, but did you know with a few changes, you will not be left with trash to throw out and end up in a landfill!

Have all your food, such as sandwiches, fruits, veggies and treats placed in reusable lunch containers. They can be so easy to wash and will be ready for another meal and nothing is going into a landfill – yipppppeeeee!

I have to run for now, but I will be back really soon with more wonderful ways to become planet friendly –

Your Friend Always – Zeppiiiii

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